Reviews for From His Perspective

Hilarious and imaginative take on the origins of life in the universe. Well written and highly enjoyable to read. Lisa has wit and a way with words that will have you romping through this book with ease.

Thank you Kathryn

This wonderful book is delightfully different. Although it is really comical, it also screams about poignant lessons for us all. So many lessons which we could all benefit from to make the world a greater place in which to live. From His Perspective is wonderfully intriguing and thought provoking. It would make a great present, especially for yourself!

Thank you Melanie

Full of wit and humor, the author has weaved an entertaining and engaging read. I highly recommend.

Thanks River

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A very promising new comic author. This one takes a little while to show its hand. At first, it feels a little episodic, albeit with a great central conceit and some fine jokes. But as it develops, it really shows off the breadth of the comic imagination at work and reveals itself as a work of depth. I look forward to what the author comes up with next.

Smart, witty and amusing – a read you can’t miss.

Humor and cleverness in their essence. Ever wonder how we got down to Earth? Well it’s all explained here in the most brilliant and witty way.

A funny light read

If you like quirky humor, this book will entertain you. I felt like it if the narrator for “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” decided to record the creation of the world and onward. It’s not just about the creation but also various important events throughout history and how The Boss and his team reacted to it all in an entertaining, disconnected way. If you’re looking for a light, funny read, this book will work for you. This book made my chuckle.

Tea and Biscuits and the fuel of history.

If you can’t fathom how we all made it to here and especially if you didn’t concentrate during history lessons this is for you. It’ll put more than a smile on your face!

Well worth a read

One of the books I took to relax with on holiday. Very amusing and almost “monty pythonesque” in parts – made me laugh out loud. Enjoy but do take note of the underlying moral messages though!

Unfathomable humans, hobs nobs and a potted history of how we (possibly) got here today.

A genuinely laugh out loud book. I absolutely loved it


If you like Python and or Douglas Adams you will love this book!

An entertaining and humorous view of how our world was made and important events in History

This book is a humorous look at creation of our world or THE Big Bang. The book examines the various stages of creation as well as many human issues. There is The Boss (or the Big Man) and The Factory where parts of our world are created. My favorite part of the book, to be honest, is the bumbling assistant Norbert. Norbert kept me in stitches

From His Perspective is a book where I found myself laughing out loud, especially at Norbert and his many antics, on more than one occasion. From the first page, I felt like I was reading a book penned by Douglas Adams — it has the same comforting familiarity of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.There was the same ridiculousness in the story which was incredibly compelling and extremely amusing. From His Perspective is an easy read, and although it has a few mild sex references and equally mild bad language, I think it is a book that would highly appeal to a young adult 14+ audience.

Keeble has cleverly crafted a caricature of the life of man. There are some notable historical figures mentioned during the course of this book — from Moses to Jesus, William the Conquerer to Henry VIII — all of which are painted with a satirical stroke of the quill. I don’t think Keeble was going for historical accuracy when she wrote about these characters but instead, she has depicted them with a rather big pinch of salt and a hefty helping of creative licence, but it does lead to some amusing anecdotes — Moses wandered in the wildness for four decades because he had no sense of direction, who knew?

With a satirical eye on creationism and religion, Keeble has penned a book that, despite all the humour, addresses some of the worst traits of humanity. The disregard for life, the selfishness, greed and corruption of the ruling classes over the course of human history from the beginning of time until now, is all carefully depicted. Throughout this book, Keeble has one eye on the message she wants to get across while having a novelists intuition about what makes a book hilariously funny.

When portraying the life of man, Keeble has also used political satire to great effect. Her depiction of the French Revolution is an example where Keeble has done this particularly well, and despite all the humour, this is a book that asks you to think. What is right? What is wrong? And why do we allow atrocities to occur, when we, the sheep, are far bigger in number than the shepherds who so-called look after our interests? There are some crucial questions in this book, that perhaps, on a philosophical level, Keeble wants her readers to think carefully about before answering.

The Boss is in want of a better word, a biscuit munching mad scientist, who is playing God, rather than actually being him. His side-kick is his wonderfully awkward and shy personal assistant who goes by the name of Norbert. There are no celestial beings in this book — this is not a book about God and nor does it pretend to be. The Boss, Norbert, and the other characters who live in this realm create the world that we live in and the creatures and flora that we know. They then sit back and watch as one would do a television show. We humble humans are the entertainment, and such entertainment is at times very difficult for the Boss to witness. He tries to intervene on occasions, and yet still, man does not seem to understand how to live in harmony and peace. The Boss really struggles with morality in this book. He looks down upon his experiment and wonders what went wrong? Like any benevolent parent, he questions if he is to blame — did he make man too sheeplike? Had he really needed to add hate to balance love? So many questions, and no answers. In the end, the Boss turns his back and spends several decades playing checkers, in the hope that by the time he returns, man would have caused their own extinction! Alas, they did not.

I was thoroughly amused by Lisa Keeble’s From His Perspective from start to finish. Fans of Douglas Adams, and Monty Python, will enjoy this book very much!

I Highly Recommend. 

Thank you Mary Anne

What a laugh. And I mean that. Fun from above with The Big Boss and Norbert. My actual favourite section? 2019.
Read this book to cheer you up on a dull day, you will not be disappointed.

Thank you Jean

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