My Poems

I also dabble in poetry now and then and I’ve selected just a few that I think you might like. The first was published on Spillwords  and, if you’d like to read more, you can find them here. The photos are also my own.



Of life ever after, of love ever after
Conditional on blind devotion, a jest?
Exquisite manipulation of senseless souls
Lost in the search of meaning and lifelong purpose
Led, oh so willingly, to believe there is more
What lies after? More lies? Eternal life? Like this?
Endlessly searching the missing piece of my soul
Forcibly ripped by all knowing, all powerful
There is reason, a reason, no comprehension
Given and taken, a blessing. Eternal curse.
We shoulder the burden of a heart that can break
I will love you forever, with you forever
I am weary of promises made and broken…..



Four letters that are formed from the ashes of

Horror, Oppression, Persecution, Enslavement

One word, spoken with tender persuasion, heard

Above the cacophony of maimed, desperate voices

Envisioned by those few holding their souls open

In a World where omnipresent fear’s breeding closed minds.


We can rail at life

And bemoan our fate

Or we can watch the sun rise

And be happy that it did.

Just A Poem 


Like a butterfly broken by the rains

My memories, once pure

Lay tattered, shredded by relentless time

Fractured jigsaw pieces

Voice, touch, kiss all longed for but forgotten

Mocking photo prompts

A smile, if not captured, forever lost

So much fading away

Yet love remains. My broken heart still beats

For you and you alone

Do You Dream?


When you slumber, free from reality

With limbs in gentle repose, breathing soft

The images come, unrestrained, welcome

Of days gone by or a longed for future

Complete liberty to construct your view

Of a World that beckons your aching soul

Do you face the fear that binds you: regret

Or are you, in that moment, cleansed, reborn?

What do you dream when night comes to claim you?

When you become, once more, all that you hide

I dream of the day I first saw your face

I dream of the day I’ll hold you again

I dream of you, my love, I dream of you.



Stumbling in the half light, trying to find the path

Where a foal once led my inner child, sure footed

Don’t look back, therein lies the darkness, she implored

My inner child let go a silent tear, I turned

Away from her. My foal would guard her innocence

As they waited for my return to the sunlight

Until then the shadows beckon, corrosive gloom

Familiar. You wait there but no longer there

Slowly fading. I search blindly, seeing no end

But needing to look. Why can’t I see anymore?

Hands outstretched, desperate to feel your loving touch

 I hear no sound, no calling voice to guide me back

A scent so longed for dissipated, nothing there

At once light steps in the distance distract my mind

Foal and inner child can wait no more so they come

We will meet again in joyful reunion,

They will not scold, the pull of the darkness stays strong

But I will still regret the hours, days far away


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