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‘A genuinely laugh out loud book’ that starts with a big bang…actually it starts with THE Big Bang. It’s a unique blend of humour, fantasy and history – think Terry Pratchett meets Douglas Adams and you’ll get the general idea. From His Perspective is the story of The Boss and his hapless PA, Norbert, who work together, with their team, overseeing the Factory, better known to us as Planet Earth.

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From His Perspective started out as a short story on my blog and turned into an 80,000 word novel. Here’s where it all began:

How much time do you spend thinking about your place on this Earth and what the Universe has in store for you? Do you worry about whether or not you are fulfilling your purpose or even your potential? Do you know, just know, that you were put here for a reason and are desperately searching for that reason so that you will eventually be able to leave this thing we call life without regret?

In my mind (a strange place to be at the best of times) it goes something like this:

“Boss, you really need to stop beating yourself up over this”

“I know, I know but everything just seems to be going tits up and it was all so perfect in the beginning”

Employee of the month“Yeah, to be honest I’ve thought about it and I’m not sure what went wrong but you can’t blame yourself, I mean, look how well it worked out for the amoebas – one minute a mindless blob and the next they’re out of the sea and up on two legs; brilliant bit of engineering that was boss”

“Do you think I over reached myself? Is that it? I was just getting so good at creating the thoughts and emotions…….that’s my favourite bit to be honest but maybe I just got carried away”

“Weeeellllllll, maybe you just over-loaded them a bit; the machinery is pretty basic still. Let’s face it we haven’t done a lot of work on the design front over the last few millennia; perhaps we could revisit the idea of a limiter, stop the buggers thinking so much”

“But they’re good at the thinking, some of them have come up with some great stuff over the years……well a few of them at least. Do you think it was a good idea to add essence of sheep in the initial planning stages? Perhaps that’s where I went wrong….”

“Boss, we’ve talked about this; there’s so many of them now, if we didn’t have a bit of sheep in the mix they’d be all over the place”

“Perhaps I should have stuck with just the two but it was just so much fun”

“Now don’t start thinking like that guv. For the most past it’s worked out pretty well, better than the whole dinosaur fiasco anyway; do you remember that one? I thought we’d never get the mess cleared up”

“Don’t remind me! Lucky they were only a prototype! The thing is, I just don’t get this lot, it doesn’t matter what interference I run they seem to be stuck in some sort of loop”


“Yes, you remember, when I put together those specials: Jesus, Mohammed,  Buddha and the others…oh come on you must remember, I spent ages on that design, really put my all into them”

“Oh yes, yes I’ve got it now………whatever happened to them? Did you bring them back to the workshop?”

Buddhist monk“I might have missed on or two I can’t remember, that’s not the point, but I had to didn’t I, no choice, it really pissed me off though I can tell you. All that work, all that effort for nothing”

“Oh come on now boss, it wasn’t for nothing, they’re still talked about now”

“Talked about?? I wouldn’t mind if they were talked about but nooooooo, like everything else down there, you try and do something nice for them and they start a scrap about it or they keep asking bloody questions all the time and that starts another scrap. It really gets on my pip”

tsunami“Well, what are you going to do about it boss? It’s not like you haven’t given them enough warnings over the years is it…..we ran out of plagues donkeys yonks ago because of this lot, there’s no more in stock. We could send another tsunami or an earthquake I suppose but then that just wrecks the factory and they’ve made enough of a mess of that without us making it worse”

“Perhaps I should just tell them………..if they knew do you reckon they’d just stop all this nonsense and get on with each other?”

“I don’t know boss, it’s a bit drastic……..they seem to think it’s all so important”

“Well, I can’t see that I can do anything else. The factory is great (my best work ever I reckon) and I’ve actually got quite fond of them to be honest even if they are a pain in the arse most of the time”

“Well, if that’s what you think, go for it but it might upset them”

“What more than they are already you mean?”

“Well, they all seem to think that they’re really important, you know, like they’ve got some sort of grand purpose. This could blow their minds, literally if we didn’t fix that wiring problem”

“Well I don’t know where they got that idea from, certainly not from me I…..did you see that……another one of those bloody bombs going off wrecking my factory. Oi! Pack it in!”

“Yes boss I saw it but…..”

“Ok, that’s it, enough is enough, set up the sound system”


“Right that ought to do it, let’s go and have a cup of tea”

Interview with Lisa Keeble

I was delighted to be interviewed by Melanie Mole, best selling author, book reviewer and blogger. Thanks Melanie, it was an absolute pleasure!

Today, I am really pleased to welcome Lisa Keeble to my blog. It is the first time that she has featured here, but I hope that it won’t be the last. Welcome Lisa!

Tell is a little about yourself please Lisa

Well, I’m 53 years old and I currently live in the South of France although I was born, and lived most of my life, in the UK. I ran a successful internet company for a number of years but then my circumstances changed and I decided it was time for a change of location and career. I’d always wanted to be a writer – I started writing poetry when I was about 10 or 11 I think but I ended up being an accountant. When I moved here I took to the keyboard once again and here we are.

What drives you?

This may sound odd but I have stories in my head and they just need to be released from their confines. For me writing a book, story or poem is like watching a film – I can see characters and their environment and, one way or another, it just all has to come out.

Who do you admire?

Firstly, I admire my brother – he’s hugely successful and far more driven than I am – once he gets an idea in his head, nothing will stop him achieving what he wants. Secondly, I admire anyone who has faced adversity in their lives but still manages to face every day with a smile and a positive attitude – that might sound cheesy but it’s the truth.

Do you have any weaknesses that you would be willing to share with us?

Yes, loads! I can be lazy sometimes, especially if it’s something I really don’t feel like doing, I procrastinate, I avoid confrontation and I have absolutely no sense of direction whatsoever – to the point that I managed to get lost in a motorway service station in Italy.

Tell us about your latest book or project please Lisa

I’m about 16,000 words in to my latest book and I am enjoying it enormously – I’d love to be able to go into details but that would really spoil the surprise.

If you could do anything, then what would that be?

To be honest, I pretty much do everything that I want to do – the only exception is sky diving – I have wanted to jump out of a plane for years but the thought absolutely terrifies me because I have vertigo. Saying that, it’s still on my bucket list.

What are you passionate about?

Writing, obviously and doing everything I can in life to make sure I can get to the end of it and not say ‘I wish I had…’

If you had to choose a season to describe yourself, which would it be and why?

That’s an interesting question – I guess I’d have to say Spring – at the beginning, it can be cold and maybe even a little frosty but as time goes on, the sun comes out and there’s the promise of summer to come.

What are your aims for the future?

Quite simply – I want to be a successful author. It’s taken me a long time to do what I’d dreamed of as a child and I am determined to be the best I can possibly be – if that comes with fame and money, so much the better ;O)

Those are great answers Lisa. Thank you.If you would like to know more about Lisa or her book please see these links.Twitter: https://twitter.com/lisakeb007Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lisakeeble007/?hl=en.The link to Lisa’s book, From His Perspective, can be found here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/His-Perspective-Lisa-Keeble/dp/1077767994/ref=sr_1_1?crid=9YSY6K6RXEJU&keywords=from+his+perspective&qid=1574671776&sprefix=From+His+P%2Caps%2C177&sr=8-1

Lisa front cover

The description is:If you’re looking for a book that will make you laugh, possibly cry and almost certainly have an irrational craving for tea and biscuits, From His Perspective is for you. Have you ever wondered how the human race would appear to one who had a rather big hand in its creation? If so, read on, I think you’ll be surprised though not necessarily pleasantly so…..From His Perspective is the story of The Boss and his hapless PA Norbert who work together, with their team, overseeing the Factory, better known to us as Planet Earth. If it hadn’t been for an accident involving a stray biscuit crumb, a black hole and a size 7 tweed slipper, they could have stayed true to their original blueprints but, as it was, they got stuck with humanity, a complex and extremely irritating species that, from the beginning, takes up all their time and energy.As the humans blunder their way through history, trying to grapple with the myriad of emotions that were installed in the early developmental stages, Norbert and his Boss do what they can to help. Unfortunately, they frequently cause far more problems than they solve and are often hindered by the restraints placed on them by Accounts, and the militant actions of Gavin in the Returns Department.They watch as cavemen tackle woolly mammoths in order to fill their larders and provide next season’s wardrobe and quickly regret introducing them to fire. They’re shocked when the Romans become increasingly decadent and violent and decide to send down a ‘special delivery’ to set a good example. They then despair at the abject stupidity of humans as they nail Jesus to a plank of wood. They have decades of sinus infections and soot covered sandals as Henry VIII and Bloody Mary take power, prompting them to create syphilis and pheromones which, in turn, cause their own problems. They listen, with shocked dismay to the screams of millions of tortured souls which result from their decision to create a human to use an example of how not to behave. They infuse Hitler with every negative emotion that they can find in the Stock Room and cry for humanity as hundreds of thousands follow him as sheep follow the Judas goat.The humans are a constant source of annoyance for the Boss and Norbert; their non-stop fighting pushes up the overtime budget in Recycling and their blatant disregard for their habitat means braving the really long ladders to make repairs to the ozone layer. Witnessing wars, slavery and torture pushes the pair, time and time again, to try and find a solution to the human condition but they are left doubting whether they will ever fully understand what drives mankind. More importantly, they wonder if they’re to blame. Did they add too much essence of sheep? Did Cyril make a mistake with his calculations when they decided to increase intelligence levels? Was it such a good idea to use different pigments for the humans just because it made life easier for Cedric in Tracking? Would their lives have been easier if they’d just stuck with amoebas and forgotten about human beings altogether?In the end the Boss decides that the only way to really deal with the humans is to tell them why they were created.It has some great reviews. so why not get your copy today!


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